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Bless Online

Bless is a fantasy MMORPG set in a world torn apart by war between two factions, Hieron and Union. Players select their class and race, with their race determining which allegiance they bow to. Explore a gorgeous world built on Unreal Engine 3, being the first to utilize the landscape tool developed by Epic Games. Photorealistic environments draw inspiration from medieval Europe, complete with Renaissance cultural themes and a divided political environment. Engage in realm-versus-realm combat of varying size and scale, from minor skirmishes to gargantuan wars. Choose your role in the battle, on the front-lines as an intrepid soldier, or become a mercenary and extend your services to the highest bidder. Bless is heavily driven by narrative experience.

Official Site:

Minimum Requirements

OS: Win 7 64
CPU: Core i3-550 3.2GHz / Athlon II X4 620
Memory: 4GB RAM.
Video: GeForce GTS 250 / Radeon R7 240 2GB
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Soundcard.
DirectX: Version 9.0c or Higher.
HDD: 16GB Free Disk Space.

Game Details

Status: Pre-Release
Business Model: Free to Play
Developer: Neowiz Games
Publisher: Neowiz Games
Category: Stand-alone
Genre(s): 3D, MMO, RPG, Fantasy
Platforms: PC



10 Classes: choose between 8 races and choose one of 10 classes with distinct play styles.

Deep Narrative: two nations at war thrust players into a narrative conflict that affects NPC's, the player, and the landscape.

Gorgeous World: built using Unreal Engine 3 and the first to use the engine's landscape tool to render nearly photo-realistic environments.

Extensive PvP: wage realm-versus-realm, choosing your place in the chain of command from intel-gathering assassin to tactical commander.

Character Customization: a deep character customization tool lets players distinguish nearly every aspect of their avatar.

New And Guides


okaymmo:The Bless Online Russian launch it’s Open Beta Test

The Bless Online Russian launch it's Open Beta Test. All players who want to delve into the beautiful fantasy world can download the game from the official Russian site. Before doing that, in order to avoid encountering potential issues you may want to take a minute to check out the following list of important things to know!


okaymmo:EU/NA Status Update : A Message from Product Manager Carsomyr

we couldn’t come up with a fix launch date and milestones like close beta tests and open beta tests because the project is bigger than expected and the game needs a couple of tweaks to be able to penetrate the western MMO market and to have a stable and sustainable future in there.


okaymmo:Bless Online Berserker Low Level Questing

I felt like playing a new character, Berserker in action mode. Unlike other classes, the left click of this job actually cleaves. Let me know if I should continue leveling or not!


okaymmo:The Classes of Bless Online


okaymmo:The Races of Bless


okaymmo:Bless Online Aeria Games looking to launch Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG next year

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Aeria Games revealed a rough schedule for Unreal Engine 3 masterpiece, Bless.


okaymmo:Get Bless Online Free level 30 epic and level 40 legendary weapons

Forum member Arkray wrote a nice guide on how to get your free weapon. You have until May 31st Korean time to redeem and everyone can get one, so go for it! The only restriction is one PER ACCOUNT, not per character. Redeem it wisely.


okaymmo:Bless Online Good or Bad?

what is so nice about the game is the world, big open af and the battle pet/mount system. I do rly think this game could be rly rly good, if they fix some stuff about the combat system and tweak some things here and there.


okaymmo:Beautiful Bless online class wallpaper show

Beautiful Bless online wallpaper show, perfect details of the design.

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