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GRAV is a sci-fi survival sandbox game in active development. GRAV's procedurally generated planets provide players and their friends with a nearly endless supply of places to construct their bases, build, craft, survive world-changing events, and more. The environments can be harsh, and enemies aggressive, so it will be important to make one's mark but also to emphasize strength. Gathering and crafting may be peaceful, but combat won't be. Whether it's creatures in the worlds or player versus player. Everything you can make is crafted, so it's up to you whether your base is a small structure or whether groups of players want to create their own cities to protect. GRAV will let players host their own servers as well as join official ones.

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Sci-Fi Sandbox Emphasizes Players

Whether building fortified bases with friends, defending what you claim on explorations or going up against other players in PvP action, GRAV emphasizes cooperation and competition

Make Your Mark on the Galaxy

Discover the nearly-infinite variety of planets, hunt alien creatures, build and defend player bases, and even full cities

PvE Content too

Not feeling ultra competitive? The game features dungeons to team up with and best, as well as creation in the form of gathering, crafting weapons and armor, and more.

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