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MLB The Show 18

More Than Just Baseball - MLB The Show 18

What is the hottest baseball video game in 2018? It would be MLB The Show 18, which the latest generation of MLB The Show series and has been released on March 27, 2018. When you are playing this amazing baseball game, you will find that you need more MLB The Show 18 Stubs all the time, so where to get MLB Stubs? would definitely be your best choice, which is a very famous game currency trading website already!



MLB The Show 18 New Features

The Ultimate Duel.

Whether you're digging in at the plate or toeing the rubber on the mound, The Show brings intensity to every pivotal moment. Do you have what it takes to deliver on baseball's biggest stage?


Settle Your Scores.

Baseball is a battle, and there are no ties. Every at-bat is an epic clash. The Show® amplifies baseball's most storied showdowns and lets you settle your own scores from the couch.


More Action. Less Time.

Three-inning games in The Show®: turn the bottom of third, into the bottom of the ninth. 


Throwback Looks. Arcade Fun.

Retro Mode lets you step back in time for a few throwback innings. Pick-up-and-play controls mean all your friends can play ball, no matter how big a fan of baseball they are.


Some Improvements in MLB The Show 18:

The Gameplay Is Even Better Than 17

The flight of the ball off the bat is at its most realistic point in series history and the new tagging animations eliminate a lot of the cheese that we benefitted from and were victimized within The Show 17. Because of the enhanced realism, success in the game is simply more rewarding. 


The Graphics Have Gotten Better in 18

It's mostly due to even better lighting than we saw in 16 and 17. Pitcher-to-batter views show off more detail on uniforms and equipment and it appears the ballparks look better every year.


New Franchise Mode Interface Is Amazing

On one hand, franchise mode saw almost no new features added. That's clearly not a good thing. On the other hand, we see the introduction of the new "Phases" concept and new navigation and menus. The mode has always allowed you to play in a variety of ways, but this year's setup takes that to a new level.


Diamond Dynasty Gets More Content And Flexibility  

Diamond Dynasty has become arguably the best collector mode in sports video games. The mode features a number of layers, cards and challenges. This year there are a variety of road maps to acquire the content. There are 30 new legends as well as dynamic rating cards that fluctuate with the performance of current players.


Cool New Vault Interface 

The new look to the vault is a welcomed upgrade for those of us who create and mostly search for user-created content. The new thumbnail previews make all the sense in the world. It's a wonder it took such a long time to be implemented.


Create-A-Player Tool Is Easy to Use 

It takes some time, but the CAP tool in MLB The Show is second only to WWE 2K. The addition of the batting stance creator and editor only ups the quality. You can make just about any player past, present or fictitious. It's a roster-creators dream.


Presentation Improvements

The new camera angles in RTTS add to the presentation as well, but it's other small things like player emotions, crowd animations, signature sections in ballparks and more that make this the most well-presented version of The Show thus far.


With these new features and improvements, MLB The Show 18 would well-deserved best online game in the whole history of MLB Series. There are four edition: STANDARD EDITION, DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION, ALL RISE EDITION, MVP EDITION. You can choose your favorite edition now, and don't forget that Okaymmo can provide you best MLB The Show 18 Stubs when you are short of money in the game.

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