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Strike of Kings

Strike of Kings is a mobile MOBA developed and published by Chinese studio Tencent, and features many similarities to another Tencent owned MOBA: League of Legends. Strike of Kings is best described as "League of Legends mobile," with many similar character designs. Join 5v5 matches where players rush down three lanes along with their minions, to topple towers and work towards destroying the enemy's team base. The controls are easy to learn and responsive to your every move, matched by slick, quality animations. Collect gold to buy items that improve your stats and determine your playstyle. Take part in either unranked casual matches, or ranked play to test your might.

Strike of Kings Key Features

  • Multi-platform: available for both PC, Android, and iOS so you can play wherever you are.
  • Responsive controls: Strike of Kings has a slick responsive control system that's both smooth and easy to learn.
  • Champion Roster: choose from a healthy variety of champions to play with unique abilities and playstyles.
  • Shop: purchase items that enhance your heroes' stats and abilities.
  • Ranked Play: take part in either casual unranked matches or competitive ranked games.

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