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Tantra Rumble

Tantra Rumble is a F2P multiplayer online game. A mash up of various genres like MOBA (base gameplay), RPG (customizing character build/stats), CCG (skill tree/combo system is in the form of cards), Action (control of the in game character), Strategy (team based battles with meta strategies depending on play styles, skill trees and character builds). This deliberately infused collaborative systems offer the player full control of 8 characters within battlefields specially designed for strategic team battles. The game will be released on PC with future considerations for the PS4 and the Xbox One along with a companion app across the mobile devices.


Skill tree system!

Map skills like you would like to play in a certain match. We have a basic layer where you can create skill trees. For the hardcore side in you, we have systems like fusing and adding runes to cards to gain access to higher level cards.


Flexible character builds!

Each character has a rank and leveling up is through the overall player profile. You will gain chakra (stat) points for each character individually. These can be assigned and edited any time by you and you can store these stats in 3 different presets for faster access!


Player rewards!

Our reward system not only rewards the best player and the winning team but caters to a lot of in game stats and rewards for all the players based on their performance for each match.


Auction house [Future Content]!

Everything that you buy, win or get as a gift can be auctioned off. There is an algorithm with which we determine a min-max value according to the current items in the store.

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