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Dark and Light Background Explanation

Who has created the Dark and Light world? Why there is always dark and light in the Ganareth? What will you fighting for if you join the world of DNL???




Gothar is the god of creation, the creator of all things. He created Ganareth, and named it sun (the sun), for the world to get rid of the dark, bring light. Since then, he used his essence has nurtured nine gods. But soon the young gods wanted to be worshiped and served, as they did to Gothar, asking Gothar to give them strength to create a race for their own domination. Gothar, the god of the gods, then gave them strength, and he secretly sent Neutra to create a pure magic Dragoon and put it in a cocoon for the creation of the moon. The new celestial body radiates energy and power, and one can gather better energy for growth with the help of Gothar's magic.


However, the Gothar, the father of the gods, forced God to sign a magic agreement with their kinsfolk and ceased to intervene in the history of Ganareth, as the gods never cease to quarrel and even incur racial divisions. Also on the same day, Gathar created humanity and gave human freedom of religion. But the young gods did not stop the quarrel when the moon released Dragoon, and Gothar found that the signed magic deal had been stolen. So he moved his anger, he ripped off the children's heart part, and then use this part has created nine entities. He put his creation on the land of Ganareth, and imprisoned the gods in Wahl (Gothar's kingdom). In Wahl they can see that their people are resisting foreign aggression. In the war, Gothar sent the fairy to Ganareth to spread their knowledge. He also gave birth to the wizard, so that they from time to time in the Elders council (Elders Council) rally, but also to Ganareth residents to explore the secret of the moon crystal magic. The knowledge of the immortal, coupled with the re-discovery of magic, made dragoon more threatening than the threat of the kingdom. Since then, Gothar reiterated that Ganareth on all races have religious freedom. He also developed 10 laws and regulations, then, Gothar in the sun chariot on the world of everything.


Dark and Light Background Explanation



Ysatis was Gothar's first child and the mother of life on the land of Ganareth. When the gods asked to have their own race to worship their own time, Gothar will create the task of racial life to her.



Gothar's second child, he dominates the death, so the god of death, but also Ysatis opponent. He is the most cruel and most cunning of the gods.



Zephyr is Gothar's three sons. Zephyr was born of Gothar's breath, and when he created his own race, he created Orcs, a strong, tough, and able to withstand severe environmental tests in the desert nomads.



When Gothar created Hydra, he wanted her to be the master of the water, but the ocean he created was too big for the new god. He gave the sea Hydra in charge, and gave him the kingdom of islands and water.



Neutra is the most strange of a God, is also the most difficult to grasp a God. Her hermaphrodite, in many contradictions, she always maintain a neutral attitude.



Malecta is Gothar's sixth child, the most irritable of all the gods.



As the seventh son of Gothar, Hel always through a lot of ways to display their full power. He was born in Gothar's power, so the power of God. He is self-reliant and proud, and even failure will not affect his actions.



Calder is the eighth son of Gothar, who was born of the wisdom of Gothar, but he is a cruel god.


Aesir is Gothar's youngest child. Throughout the history,


Aesir is his most faithful and dedicated child


For thousands of years, the seven races of the world have lived happily together in harmony. They use the magical power given by the moon to control the evil forces that may bring them danger and calamity. With the increasing prosperity of all races, the world produced a civilization: the monarchy for the good governance, the subjects lived a paradise life, little understanding of the outside world. However, this quiet and sweet life was eventually their hands in the power and desire to break the village into a city, the city has become a fortress, their homes can no longer meet their desires, relying on the magic of their step Step to the wilderness expansion, greed to the nature of the request. The world began to become unstable, naturally lost balance, perhaps because of this, it may be other reasons can not be detected, in short, the world is no longer the former world, everything changed, earth shattering, disaster falls, the moon from destruction. After the disaster, rebirth in February, a bright, dark, the world no longer has the magic of the past, helpless in the face of nature, the old moon lost light, the magic is not. Veyron sent to realize this golden opportunity, to make a comeback, to recover the land they once belonged to.  

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