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Riders of Icarus

Rider of Icarus is a fantastic 3D MMORPG, with special emphasis on mounted air combat. Players can tame a variety of things that they can fight on the ground or fly in the sky, explore and demand territory for their guild. As a prestigious Rider of Icarus gold-selling store, OKAYMMO has much experience in transaction and considerate service. In order to serve you better, we always try our best to lower the Rider of Icarus Gold price and perfect our Riders of Icarus service. Now as long as you place an order in our store, you can enjoy fast delivery speed, cheap Icarus Gold, ROI Power leveling and professional service. Have a nice time here! are offering cheap Rider of Icarus Gold or ROI Gold to our clients. Prices slashed 3% off and another Gold offered free with your order.

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