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For the opinion of reassemble badge gear

Many players are discussing the issue of badge devices, The lack of inclusion of  badge gear is an enormous issue. 

As Tolgren already alluded to in his post, some of the Relics, for example, are BiS or near-BiS, as are some of the capes, accessories, trinkets, weapons, and even certain armor pieces. In the case of certain class/spec combinations, certain points in gear progression are quite dry, which is especially true if your class is one of the classes that has poorly itemized T5, for example, and th e badge gear goes a long way towards remedying this.

The thing is that Blizzard included some of this gear for multiple reasons, not just as a catchup mechanic. The gear was also included to fill in gear gaps that their raids hadn't addressed (again T5 is a pretty bad offender here), and it was also intended to bring players back into heroic dungeons (as was the change to Nethers that made them BoE instead of BoP).

Again, taking out the badge gear from the badge vendors is fine, but the other issues that the badge gear was intending to addressed must also be addressed by Felmyst if the progression curve is going to remain healthy. What does that mean? Finding another way to draw players to heroics, for one. But, more importantly, Felmyst has to address these gear gaps in some way, shape, or form. Reincorporating the gear back into the loot tables of equivalent item level stocks makes sense, as does using an alternate acquisition system (something like Sunmotes in Sunwell would be interesting?) Alternatively, since ZA and MGT are going to be placed behind T5 content gates, perhaps their difficulty could be tweaked and they could be the source of some of these pieces?

but I am sure that simply removing the badge gear is going to hurt heroic dungeon finding in the late game, and it's going to be a hard blow to certain class/spec combos during late T5 - early T6 progression, and, for some classes, a permanent hard blow that will generally inhibit the class (I'm looking at Druids, Paladins, and Shamans here in particular). While it won't be an issue with T4 and T5 and there's certainly time to consider solutions to the issue. 


Firstly, it must be said in order to frame the discussion that Gummy and Co. have been quite vague on the fate of post launch badge gear and have given indications that they don't intend to implement it at all, hence the concern.

Second, keeping in line with the quality of the server and the emphasis on preventing easy gear acquisition, it makes sense for this gear to be reimplemented in their respective badge vendors in addition to content gating, reputation gating, etc. that allow this gear to be acquired after their tier has been cleared. Most seem to think that badges are a good way to acquire this gear if it were to be implemented this way, but I again assert the stance that gear trade in from the respective i Lvl content, akin to how gear trading was done in Sunwell with Sunmotes, might be a viable option too that wouldn't feel particularly contrived, nor would it be seen as welfare epics that could be gotten by buying runthroughs. 

If you want to argue for a change in how the badge gear works, it seems to me you have two choices: You can ask for the badge gear to be patched in later, or you can ask for the badge gear to be placed behind the same content gates that ZA and MGT will be.

The only questions about gating and progression are related to ZA and Sunwellm. Neither of which have been shown to have been tested yet. Until testing begins on T6 the progression of that tier and the 10 man, Zul'Aman is irrelevant. 

If you've been paying attention to the details of this server, there are several things that aren't Blizz-like, such as the gating of ZA and MGT behind T5. Moreover, the badge gear not being implemented beyond the original badge gear (i.e. the badge gear that was released with 2.1+) is in and of itself a custom, non-Blizzlike change.

I'd prefer the badge vendor's being located inside the raids rather than the gear being added to the loot tables of drops in the raid (that would be extremely confusing and make the server look phony and unprofessional.) Plus, we want badges to actually be useful for something and having the badge gear drop off bosses instead would completely take away from that. 

So, for your equipment, you have to make good use of your badge.

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