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okaymmo:[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch League Starter Builds

In Path of Exile: Sentinel, ancient constructs have been found scattered across Wraeclast and are waiting for players to collect them in order to make use of their power. PoeCurrencyBuy, as always, brings the latest PoE 3.18 Witch League Starter | Endgame | Fast | Cheap Builds to players. Choose your favorite ascendant from Elementalist, Occultist, Necromancer to accept new challenges!

okaymmo:[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch League Starter Builds


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Witch Necromancer 

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer Bomber Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Skeleton Mages Necromancer League Stater Build   

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Summon Carrion Necromancer Cheap Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Raise Spectre Necromancer Starter Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch CoC Volatile Dead Necromancer Tank  Build


[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer Bomber Build

  • ++ Easy to do on a budget
  • ++ Can do all Content
  • ++ Can do all map mods
  • ++ Elemental Ailment Immune
  • ++ 75/75 Max Block (needs some investment)
  • ++ Recover Life on Block (and Recover ES on Block with crazy Shield)
  • ++ upto 78/78/78 Max Elemental Resistances
  • ++ No “Explody Chest” (or other crazy items) needed
  • ++ HC viable
  • ++ Easy to scale damage with Minion Damage/Life
  • ++ Good single target damage
  • ++ Good clear speed
  • ++ decent life pool (~4,5k – 5k)
  • +- Somewhat SSF viable (not recommended as starter though)
  • +- Not a “zoom zoom”-Build
  • +- Need Tavukai to really popoff
  • -- Can be a bit squishy until you have enough Block/Ailment Immunities
  • -- Tavukai to not feel too clunky
  • -- Not optimal for Legion encounters


Gems Setup


Summon Raging Spirit–Unleash–Elemental Focus–Concentrated Effect or Predator or Minion Life

NOTE: Support Gem Setup depends on your Helmet rolls!
If you have Minion Life + Conc Effect in the Helmet use this setup
Summon Raging Spirit–Unleash–Elemental Focus–Predator

Body Armour:

Raise Spectre–Elemental Army–Pierce– Greater Multiple Projectiles –Combustion(–Feeding Frenzy)
NOTE: When using Frost Autoscouts instead of Artless Assassins, swap Pierce for Spell Echo


Desecrate/Convocation/Bone Offering


Shield Charge–Faster Attacks/Flame Dash
Flame Dash–Second Wind/Arcane Surge


Summon Stone Golem/Summon Skitterbots/Clarity/Ball Lightning


Animate Guardian-Minion Life–Raise Zombies/ Infernal Cry


Deal with the Bandits:
While Levelling: Help Alira
After Levelling: Kill all (sell 20 Orbs of Regret + Onyx Amulet to Vendor)
Pantheons: Lunaris & Shakari  


Path of Building Link: /




[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Skeleton Mages Necromancer League Stater Build

Core Unique

Dead Reckoning

Minions have +9% to all Elemental Resistances
With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Summon Skeletons can Summon up to 15 Skeleton Mages


Enchant: +40% skeleton damage

Maw of Mischief reduces cost of summoning skeles

Zealotry + Generosity gives extra damage and crit chance.

Skitterbots + Ailments for shock effect on enemies.


You must use Fleshcrafter

Vaal Summon Skeletons - Awakened Minion Damage - Spell Echo - Awakened Controlled Destruction - Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles - Pierce

For bossing, you can swap pierce to hypothermia for more damage: PierceHypothermiaAwakened Elemental Focus

And if you have a white socket, you can swap to elemental focus instead.

Note that spell echo gives lets you summon 8 skeles at once, but the mages don't get the double cast. However, they do get more cast speed.

*You can skip Awakened SE if it's too expensive.


Vixen's Entrapment will trigger socketed curse when you self-cast another curse.

Enchance 4 gives 24% quality to linked gems:

Assassin's Mark 20% quality gives 5% chance to get power charge. 44% quality gives 11% chance.

Level 1 Flame Dash for mana efficiency. 20% qualty is 10% cooldown. 44% is 24%.

Faster Casting is extra QoL for Flame Dash!


+12% to Fire and Lightning Resistances
+2 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems
+25 to Strength
+19 to Intelligence
+59 to maximum Life
30% increased Movement Speed
+20% to Fire and Lightning Resistances

+2 minion boots from delve

Feeding Frenzy to buff skeletons.

Raise Spectre, Feeding Frenzy, Minion LifeEmpower

The chieftain spectres have a small mana pool and low mana regen, so lifetap lets them quickly recast their power and frenzy charges.

They have low HP, so link to Minion Life to keep them alive.


7% increased Cast Speed
+1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
+1 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems
Minions deal 20% increased Damage
Minions have 18% increased Attack Speed
Minions have 19% increased Cast Speed
Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill, with a 8 second Cooldown
Spells Triggered this way have 150% more Cost

Try to get +1 minion gems and +1 spell gems (+2 total)

Desecrate - Flesh Offering - Arcane Surge

Alternative: +1 gem and minion damage or just minion damage (cheap)

*Trigger craft recommended.

Triggered spells cost extra mana, so use arcane surge to increase mana regen.


You can use two weapons (more DPS) or a shield (tankiness)

+40 to maximum Life
+38 to Armour
+100 to maximum Life
+48 Life gained when you Block
Recover 5% of Life when you Block
5% Chance to Block Spell Damage

LINKED: Immortal Call - CWDT

The curse should be UNLINKED (for self-cast): Punishment

Gem links are same for shield or two weapons.

Set CWDT and IC to about 30% HP.


Has 1 Abyssal Socket
+5 to maximum Energy Shield
+114 to maximum Life
+40% to Fire Resistance
+42% to Cold Resistance
+39% to Lightning Resistance
Regenerate 30 Life per second
+54 to maximum Mana


+16 to all Attributes
+12 to Intelligence
41% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
+1 to maximum number of Skeletons
+1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems
+20 to Dexterity

+1 int (Hunter) or +1 int/+1 skele (Hunter + Elder)

Anoint with Death Attunement

When you anoint Death Attunment on your amulet, you can refund the passive points and use them in another place.


8% increased maximum Life
+125 to Evasion Rating
+93 to maximum Life
39% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
Minions have 28% increased Movement Speed
+15% to Fire and Chaos Resistances

Recommend: minion speed to help with clear speed.


Life: Instant Recovery when on Low Life + Bleed removal
Prefix: Startled, Frightened, Alarmed, Terrified, Panicked
of Sealing, of Alleviation, of Allaying, of Assuaging

Panicked Divine Flask of Staunching - instant life flask & remove bleed
Jade of Dousing - extra evasion & remove burning
Quicksilver of Adrenaline - increased movement speed
Quartz Flask of Heat - phasing & remove freeze


  • 2x Large (8 or 9 points): Call to the Slaughter, Renewal (optional: Feasting Fiends)
  • 1x Medium (4 or 5 points): Blessed Rebirth (optional: Renewal)
  • 1x Small: Fortress Covenant
  • 1x Small: Quickening Covenant
  • 1x Small (2 points): Surging Vitality
  • 1x Small (2 points): Enduring Composure  


Path of Building Link:



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Summon Carrion Necromancer Cheap Build

  • + cheap compared to other Carrion Golem builds
  • + fast
  • + not so squishy
  • + can clear all content
  • + positive chaos resistance
  • + 7000 ES
  • + can play as STONE GOLEMS as well (if you wish)
  • + NO awakened gems!
  • + NO animated guardian (no need to worry if he dies!)
  • + truly AFK blight maps and Elder fight
  • - Golem jewels and clusters cost considerable amount of chaos at the start of the league AT ALL TIMES.
  • - squishy in the beginning, till you get more ES and Shav


Is this PoE 3.18 With build really cheap?

I only started using Shav at level 85+ though and before that i used a 6L Ambu's Charge which costs less than 10 chaos. Before that i used Cloak of Flame which was 6 chaos.

It can be even cheaper, but at the cost of Golem's dps. I just wanted to achieve great balance and use only important stuff which gives highest necessary boosts, like clusters jewels and Anima Stone (i only added Anima stone at level 93). Shav is just the best option to reserve 2 more auras and get more damage without being wrecked by Chaos and poison degen.

I recommend buying shav from the cards and linking yourself. My total investment was 35c for cards and 400 fusings which i gathered while levelling and early mapping/heists. I recommend throwing all your fusing into shav and nothing else.

How does it work, in general?

Carrion Golems buffed with Impale, massive attack speed and different auras and buffs, like non-golem minions result in 6 deadly beasts with over 10 attacks per second and combined damage over 10 millions.

Zombies actually deliver about 500k DPS as well, despite being on 1L, just for Feeding Frenzy. If they die = you don't care and bring them back. They are no meat shields.

Spectres are there for frenzy and power charges, as well as some protection.

Gems Setup

Main Skill

Carrion Golems 5L: Carrion.Golem-Melee.Phys-Minion.Damage-Multistrike-Brutality

Carrion Golems 6L: Carrion.Golem-Melee.Phys-Minion.Damage-Multistrike-Brutality-Damage.on.Full.Life


Pride - Blood Magic - Precision, Dread Banner - Generosity, Summon Skitterbots - Vaal Discipline - Enlighten, Flesh and Stone - Maim, Vitality

Other Minions

Raise Zombie - Feeding Frenzy, Raise Spectre, Summon Stone Golem (from Clayshaper)

Other Skills

Flesh Offering, Convocation, Desecrate

Recommend Spectre

1 Carnage Chieftain, 1 Host Chieftain

Both can be found in Act 7 Ashen Fields.

They of Tul - reduces damage taken. Can be found in Thul's Breach.

Undying Evangelist - protection bubble for everyone. Act 3 Sceptre of God

For 3 Spectres i would use 2 Carnage and 1 Host.


Ascendancy: Mindless Aggression, Unnatural Strength, Commander of Darkness, Bone Barrier  

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link:



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Raise Spectre Necromancer Starter Build


About this build

League Starter / SSF

This build is designed as a league starter and SSF build.

It will take you from a fresh league start all the way to endgame bossing on cheap or self-crafted gear.

It is focused on having high survivability while still having good DPS.

Required Uniques: none.

Gems Setup

Body Armour

For Syndicate Operative:

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Vicious Projectiles + Volley + Minion Damage 

For Slave Drivers:

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Controlled Destruction + Deathmark

Solar Guard: 

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Deathmark + Concentrated Effect / Greater Multiple Projectiles

(swap GMP/Conc for map/bossing)

Redemption Sentry:

Raise Spectre + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Deathmark + Vicious Projectiles / Greater Multiple Projectiles

(swap GMP/VP for map/bossing)

Helmet, Boots & Gloves

Helmet: 1 red & 3 blue

Raise Zombie+ Summon Stone Golem + Feeding Frenzy + Elemental Army + 

1. Stone Golem gives life regen.

2. Golem and Zombies can proc Feeding Frenzy buff that give spectres more damage and attack/cast speed.

3. Golem and Zombies can proc exposure from Elemental Army for -10% lightning res.

Boots: 1 blue, 2 red, 1 blue or green

Summon Skitterbots + Dread Banner + Generosity

1. Skitterbots chill and shock enemies.

2. Dread banner reduce nearby enemy accuracy (less hit chance).

3. Choose Aura for your spectre: Fire = Zealotry, Cold = Hatred, Lightning = Wrath.

Gloves: 4 blue

Armageddon Brand / Storm Band + Curse On Hit + Elemental Weakness + Flame Dash

1. Brand reduces enemy ele res (Elemental Equilibrium -50% and Elemental Weakness curse -44%)

2. Flame Dash is get out of danger movement skill.

3. Choose brand that is opposite of spectre damage. Arma for lightning spectre, Storm for cold and fire spectre.

Weapon & Shield

Weapon: 1 green, 2 blue

Desecrate + Bone Offering + Summon Skeletons

1. Desecrate spawns corpses.

2. Bone Offering consumes corpses to increase block chance for minions and necro, as well as some life recovery.

3. Skeletons add extra minions for pulling agro (and taunt if you have it on a cluster or ghastly jewel).

NOTE: You can use Vaal Skeletons to body block bosses with a mass of skeletons!

Shield: 2 red, 1 blue

Steelskin + Increased Duration + Convocation

1. Convocation teleport spectres to you.

2. Steelskin gives extra '2200 life'.

NOTE: You can set Steelskin to left mouse button. Also set 'always attack without moving'. It will autocast on cooldown.


Pantheon: Lunaris for mapping, Solaris for bossing, Arakaali for Sirus*

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link

League Starter & SSF:  

Pure Spectre:

Spectre & Spiders:



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch CoC Volatile Dead Necromancer Tank Build

  • + cheap compared to other Carrion Golem builds
  • + fast
  • + not so squishy
  • + can clear all content
  • + positive chaos resistance
  • + 7000 ES
  • + can play as STONE GOLEMS as well (if you wish)
  • + NO awakened gems!
  • + NO animated guardian (no need to worry if he dies!)
  • + truly AFK blight maps and Elder fight
  • - Golem jewels and clusters cost considerable amount of chaos at the start of the league AT ALL TIMES.
  • - squishy in the beginning, till you get more ES and Shav


PoE CoC Mechanism

First of all, here's a great post explaining Cast on Crit Attack Speed and Cooldown Recovery breakpoints in detail: Reddit Post

The short version:

We get more than 12.12 aps because of Corpse Pact and so need at least 14% Cooldown recovery rate somewhere on our gear. The "easiest" (albeit expensive) way is to use an Awakened CoC Support of at least level 3.

Alternatively, you can get it on boots or belt slot.

I find that a 1.25aps staff (Replica Duskdawn :P) with onslaught and tailwind buffs will leave us with only a little wiggle room for extra increased attack speed stats with a maximum of 14% additional increased attack speed before breaking the 15.14aps limit. So try to avoid getting too much or your true DPS will suffer.


League Start

This build will be able to run maps very easily with just a tabula and rare staff.

Example of a SSF level 74 character:

Leveling with Stormblast Mines Orb of Storms until lv.24 get spellslinger

Leveling trees POB:

This should give you an idea on how to progress the tree while leveling as spellslinger.

General Idea

For spellslinger you can start at 24 after the Tolman quest. Make sure you have alts to buy gems:

Spellslinger - Volatile Dead - Spell Cascade - Conc effect (4th Link)
Spellslinger - Desecrate - Spell Cascade

For wand attack you need to get a barrage from another player or after library quest.

Barrage - Faster Attacks

For extra damage:

Cremation - Combustion - Culling Strike
Spell Totem - Wave of Conviction

Make sure to have 2x level 20 wands from the vendor recipe. Ideally on Carved Wand bases (for higher attack speed, makes attacking smoother)

You need:
1x magic carved wand
1x orb of alteration
1x RARE Ruby Ring (make sure to pick up early essences to make a rare ring if no alchs available)

Make two of these, aug+regal if given the opportunity and then you can bench craft spell damage when that craft becomes available.

That should be pretty smooth sailing after that.

Socket Colors+Links to look for

B-B-B-G For VD
B-B-G For Desecrate
G-B for Cremation
R-B for Spell Totem + WOC
G-G-B for Smoke Mine+Flame Dash+Second Wind


Ascendancy: Commander of Darkness -> Plaguebringer -> Corpse Pact -> Mistress of Sacrifice

Pantheon: Lunaris and Gruthkul

Bandit: Help Alira or Kill All 

Path of Building Link:




Witch Occultist 

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Vortex Occultist Starter Build   

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Death's Oath Occultist Starter Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Eye of Winter Occultist Good Clear Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Essence Drain/Bane/Contag Occultist Life&LL Build


[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Vortex Occultist Starter Build


Leveling With No gear

If you are new to Path of Exile and/or starting with thousands of other players in a new league, you're starting with no items and no currency. Luckily for you, the build requires nothing to get going and is absurdly cheap even if you're switching to CI. Don't worry about unique items! My biggest recommendation is simply to save as much currency as possible for future crafting. Just move down a couple of sections and start with the Full Leveling Guide. Take your time and enjoy!

Leveling Item with trade link

There are a few unique items that will allow you to truly zoom through the leveling process. If you want to twink your character and get to maps ASAP, slap these bad boys on and crush everything.

Change Standard League to Ultimatum

PoE 3.18 Sentinel Leveling Items

WanderlustGoldrimLifesprigLochtonial CaressCheap PoE Tabula RasaAxiom Perpetuum

You can buy cheap PoE Power leveling Item within 1 - 10 min delivery!


30% MS Boots with 75+ Resists
5c or less ring with 120+ resists

Leveling Guide Summary

Passive Tree

Here is the full tree for leveling. See the full leveling guide for a section-by-section breakdown.

PoE 3.18 Sentinel With Occultist Vortex League Starter Passive Skill Tree


This is ripped straight from the full leveling guide:

Vortex + Efficacy + Elemental Focus + Hypothermia

(Vaal) Cold Snap + Efficacy + Elemental Focus + Bonechill

Creeping Frost + Efficacy + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction

Malevolence, Skitterbots

Orb of Storms + Onslaught + Increased Critical Strikes (For triggering Elemental Overload on bosses)

Flame Dash + Arcane Surge + Second Wind 


Path of Building Link:



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Death's Oath Occultist Starter Build

  • + Fast and Easy map clearing for the lazy
  • + Ranged DoT skill for bossing and harder rares
  • + Profane Bloom explosions.
  • + Capped Chaos resist
  • + Don't care about Hexproof monsters.
  • + Can do almost all map mods. See separate section.
  • - Can't face tank, requires movement and dodging attacks
  • - Expensive to Min/Max (not "Mirrors expensive" though).
  • - You will die sometimes to damage spikes. Not intended for Hardcore.

Skills gems and what level you can use them. Replace with Awakened versions when possible.

Bow 6L

Caustic Arrow (Quality only affects area, so less important) - Vicious Projectiles (Quality not relevant) - Void Manipulation - Lifetap - Concentrated Effect - Swift Affliction

Leveling: Caustic Arrow -> Pierce -> Lifetap -> Void Manipulation -> Efficacy -> Vicious Projectiles

Replace Lifetap with Empower when you have enough mana for a few shots.

You can replace Concentrated effect with Efficacy for a slightly larger puddle, with some DPS loss, but I found it unnecessary.

Chest (no links required)

Void Manipulation, Efficacy, Lifetap, Concentrated Effect, Swift Affliction, Less Duration(Quality not relevant)

  • Lifetap is REQUIRED for enabling Swift affliction and Less duration
  • Lifetap buff can be triggered elsewhere to receive the buff. Lkfe CA or movement skills.
  • Replace Less Duration with Awakened Increased Area of Effect for more area with small dps loss
  • With 3 red sockets you can use Arrogance support

Auras setup

Defiance Banner, Purity of Elements, Malevolence

- Enlighten will have to be added to have enough mana for CA with Empower.


Blasphemy, Despair, Enfeeble (or Temporal chains if you prefer)

Movement and Utility

Anomalous Withering Step, Divergent Lifetap, Blink Arrow, Enhance

Enduring Cry - Extra heal and damage reduction.

  • Divergent Lifetap gives longer duration of the buff
  • Phantasmal Blink Arrow for additional CD usages. Blink arrow is the only movement skill that doesn't share CD with Withering step, which is why we use it.
  • Anomalous Withering Step with Enhance lvl 4 and and +2 Viridi's will give us 13 Withered stacks instantly. I bind this to the movement button, so I don't need to think about it. After 2 more seconds, enemies reach 15 withered stacks due to our Withering Presence ascendancy.
  • 15 withered stacks is 90% increased damage taken, which is a More multiplier.

Wither Totem setup can be used while leveling, but is redundant with Anomalous Withering step


Aspect of the Spider

Slows enemies and increases our damage.
You can craft it on the Gloves/Boots/Quiver or Belt.
Do not use supports that can increase reservation on the same item!

Alternative - Aspect of Crab for 20% Phys damage reduction.


Ascendancy: Void Beacon -> Withering presence -> Profane Bloom -> Malediction damage), additional Curse



  • Arakaali for Chaos damage, until you get capped
  • Brine King for Stun until you have stun avoidance on tree or boots enchant
  • Lunaris for clearing
  • Solaris for bossing


  • Shakari - for reduced Chaos damage taken until you get capped
  • Ryslatha - for Life flask sustain 

Bandit: Kill all for 2 skill points

Path of Building Link:


Path of Exile Currency Sentinel

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Eye of Winter Occultist Good Clear Build

This is a guide meant for the people looking to play a second build, as this does not contain a strict leveling section because I myself transitioned into this after league starting Bane/ED. However, I will provide resources to help level an Occy.

  • + Stun and chill/freeze immune.
  • + Good clear speed due to EoW's spiral of projectiles granting nice coverage and its synergy with the Snakepit unique ring that allows it to chain once.
  • + Great to amazing boss damage as you start using EoW's max distance to its advantage.
  • + Clears Maven invitations with relative ease.
  • + Fairly tanky due to both Grace, Determination and Defiance Banner providing us with 75% Evasion and upwards of 30K Armour with Molten Shell, alongside a permanent Blind aura, chill/freeze, hinder from Aspect of the Spider.
  • + Ghost Dance. 
  • - Not a starter and wouldn't recommend it for HC.
  • - Requires a fair bit of cast speed to feel good.
  • - Without utilising the damage multiplier gained as EoW travels, it can feel like you're hitting with a wet noodle.
  • - Isn't quick in terms of movement speed before some investment.
  • - No longer a useful Hydrosphere chain interaction for bossing.

Gems Setups

6-Link: Eye of Winter - Awakened Spell Echo - Awakened Added Cold Damage - Divergent Inspiration - Power Charge on Critical - Increased Critical Strikes

Anomalous Eye of Winter is also an option to make clear speed better (I use it while mapping and in Delve, does conquerors okay as well), but it reduces boss damage for when EoW explodes at max distance because it gets there quicker, therefore less projectile hits on the way.

Divergent Inspiration is quite mandatory, I'd say, you really need the reduced cost at the cast rates we have. If you can't get it - path to a mana node and take the Mastery for 10% reduced cost or fetch it on jewels.

Personally, I didn't like regular Spell Echo or Unleash so I used Faster Casting until I could afford Awakened Spell Echo, which felt just as good. If you do not have enough cast speed to make Echo feel good to play or simply don't like it - use Unleash.

Pseudo 4-Link: Flame Dash - Sniper's Mark | Clarity (lv 2) - Arrogance

Here the only link we care about is Arrogance /w Clarity, we don't want to have Aspect of the Spider in the item that has this link.

4-Link: Defiance Banner - Discipline - Hatred - Herald of Ice

An alternative to Herald of Ice here is Tempest Shield if you wish to have a more defensive playstyle with closer to 20 attack / 50 spell block. Herald of Ice is purely cosmetic due to the shatters, DPS wise it provides us with next to nothing.

The glove slot is where all your mana reserved auras should sit.

4-Link: Hydrosphere - Awakened Unbound Ailments - Bonechill - Culling Strike

We link Hydrosphere with Unbound Ailments and Bonechill to make bosses take more damage based on chill effect and since we're scaling AoE through the Ascendancy, it can pulse and hit the boss a fair distance away. Culling Strike helps with taking bosses down without a hitch.

Alternatively, you may want to use Frost Bomb instead, you'd swap Culling Strike for Increased AOE.

You don't need Awakened Unbound Ailments, but it's nice, an upgrade here would be Divergent Bonechill because it provides more chill effect from quality. If using Frost Bomb, Divergent Frost Bomb and Anomalous Increased AOE are upgrades.

3-Link Shield: Grace - Determination -Zealotry

These auras are essential to our defences and damage. If you get a pair of Templar gloves that have +2 aoe/aura alongside base spellcrit and a curse, feel free to swap Zealotry into them and put Hatred in the shield. This should help with crit chance while you prep the build for a +2 corrupted shield.

3-Link Wand: Anomalous Molten Shell - Frost Shield - Arcane Surge (lv 8)

Anomalous Molten Shell is a luxury because it provides even more armour, we keep it on left click so it procs all the time. We keep Arcane Surge at level 8 due to all the reduced mana cost we have and it's the only level when we can reliably proc it with Frost Shield. All the alternate qualities for Arcane Surge are really good - if you need more regen, get Anomalous, if you want more up time for damage, get Divergent.

Aspect of the Spider should be used on your belt, preferably, if using rare gloves then those work as well. We don't want it on the piece of gear that's holding Arrogance because it would otherwise interact with it and make it reserve HP. 


Path of Building Link:



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Essence Drain/Bane/Contag Occultist Life&LL Build

  • + Very High Damage output
  • + Decently tanky, safe to play
  • + Can do any map mods
  • + All Content
  • + HC Viable
  • + Very versatile, a lot of utility options (low life/life-based or even CI if you really want)
  • + Decently fast clear speed, fun playstyle rushing from pack to pack
  • + League starting is possible due to good damage output
  • + Great boss killer, can do any boss
  • + No need to use mana flask for mana regen
  • - Cannot reliably do no-regen maps
  • - Not quite beginner-friendly and takes time to learn all mechanics and gearing in the build (but worry not, this guide is designed comprehensively so that beginners can follow through)
  • - Min-maxing with double corruptions is very expensive for high-end gear, and build only shines with certain investments and at higher levels
  • - Essence Drain can miss against fast-moving bosses, has very limited AoE and requires re-casting the skill sometimes

Gems Setup

All gems are at 20% quality (or more if you corrupt them into higher quality) unless otherwise stated. Most gems are best to have at lv 21, but usually lv 20 is enough. Arcane Surge should be at lv 7 to proc after 1 Bane cast. Empower lv 3 or 4 is fine. Any gems gated by Str/Dex requirement can be leveled up to the limit.

ED/Bane Low Life version 

Essence Drain - Efficacy - Swift Affliction - Controlled Destruction - Empower - Void Manipulation or Lesser Multiple Projectiles

LMP can be used instead of Void Manipulation if damage feels good enough in tough contents. The utility includes firing 3 ED projectiles to cover more monsters, which is helpful during Legion encounters, deep delve and tough maps. GMP costs more mana and gives more damage penalty so LMP is preferred. 

Bane - Enfeeble - Despair - Swift Affliction - Arcane Surge - Efficacy

Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance)- Malevolence - Temporal Chain - Blasphemy (1)


Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance) - Malevolence - (Vaal) Purity of Ice/(Vaal) Purity of Fire - Vaal Grace - Enlighten (lv 3 or 4) (2)


Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance) - Malevolence - Vaal Grace - any Vaal skill/Contagion/Clarity (3)

In setup (1), Clarity can replace Flesh and Stone and kept at low level if mana regen feels lacking, but losing Blind is huge. If you have an Elder base Unset ring, you can socket Flesh and Stone there and add a Vaal skill of choice or Enhance support to give Temporal Chain even more quality. 

In setup (2), an Elder base Unset ring if affordable is much better to have a good mana pool available, without it, you only have around 100 mana available to cast skills. Clarity can replace Vaal Grace if mana regen is bad, but this has been tested and isn't a problem without Clarity (at high character level). Contagion can also replace Vaal Grace if more clear speed is preferred. 

Setup (3) is for those who dislike Temporal Chain. A lot of options can work: Vaal Blight, Dread Banner (lessen accuracy further), Vaal Righteous Fire, Vaal Haste, Vaal Lightning Trap (for bosses), Arctic Armor, Contagion or Clarity, and more. 

Blood Magic - Enlighten (lv 4) - Zealotry - (Vaal) Discipline
Blood Magic needs to be at lv 20 (111 Strength) and Enlighten needs to be at lv 4 to go low life with these 2 auras. 


Flame Dash - Enduring Cry - Cwdt - Immortal Call


Flame Dash - Enduring Cry - Vaal Righteous Fire- Vaal Blight

There's a couple options here. Vaal Righteous Fire and Vaal Blight for bosses and a massive hinder effect (usually not needed) and cwdt + Immortal Call for defense (recommended for inexperienced players/ if you want more tankiness). 

The last aura we have is Aspect of the Spider (reserves mana), which makes enemies take more damage on each spider stack and applies another source of slow. 
Cast when Damage Taken lvl 6 
Immortal Call lv 8 
The combo cwdt + Immortal Call gives some extra elemental and physical mitigation at the cost of 3 second cooldown. 

ED/Contagion Low life version: See PoB


Path of Building Link

Low life ED/Bane: 

Wand and Shields
League Start Base Life -
League Start Base CI -
Endgame 3.18 Lowlife -

League Start Base Life - 

Essence Drain - Contagion Life base:




Witch Elementalist  

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Elementalist Explosive Arrow Ballista League Starter Build   

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Flame Wall Elementalist League Starter Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Fast Burning Arrow Elementalist Starter Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Storm Band Elementalist Starter Build


[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Elementalist Explosive Arrow Ballista League Starter Build

  • + Amazing DPS
  • + Amazing clear
  • + Amazing bossing
  • + Amazing tankiness
  • + Very simple gameplay
  • + Drop totems and run
  • - Have to backtrack for some items that drop
  • - Will probably get nerf hammer at end of league

Gems Setup


Explosive Arrow, Ballista Totem, Awakened Burning Damage, Awakened Elemental Damage With Attacks, Lifetap support, Ignite Proliferation. Swap in Awakened Deadly Ailments for Pinnacle Bosses.


Determination, Grace, Purity of Elements, Defiance Banner, Precision, Enlighten (4)

Culling strike setup (throw on bosses to cull them):

Arcanist Brand, Flame Surge, Lifetap, Culling Strike.

Frenzy and Combustion setup

(fire frenzy for charges, and throw trap on bosses for combustion):

Frenzy, Lifetap, Lightning Spire Trap, Combustion.

CWDT setup

CWDT, Immortal Call, Molten Shell, Flame Dash

Leveling Guide


Ascendancy: Shaper of Flames -> Mastermind of Discord -> Heart of Destruction -> Bastian of Elements for defence, or Shaper of Storms for offence.

Bandit: Kill all

Path of Building Link: 

Use Awakened Deadly Ailments for pinnacle bosses.

Use Ignite Proliferation for everything else.



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Flame Wall Elementalist League Starter Build

  • + Retarded, unethical clear speed. 1-2 screen wipe with 1 right click
  • + no worry about ele reflect, no leech, minus resist, no regen (kinda annoying)
  • + Do all map mods without looking, best for clearing atlas fast
  • + Cheap, requires nothing to start
  • - Limited scaling, the dps caps at around 1m dps, so don't expect to faceroll sirus with it unless you really know the mechanics
  • - Expensive to min max, as I said flamewall is good from the get go, but it has limited scalability, unlike ignite, poison, crit, etc.
  • - You filthy unethical dog you

Main Skills

Flame Wall - Spellslinger - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Swift Affliction - Burning Damage

Trigger Skills

Kinetic Blast - Chain - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Combustion


Summon Stone Golem, Summon Ice Golem, Summon Flame Golem, Summon Chaos Golem


Enduring Cry, Steelskin


Herald of Ash, Precision


Flame Dash - Arcane Surge


(Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill)

Wave of Conviction, Purifying Flame, Tempest Shield



Look up individual skill gems for required quests to get them.

lvl 1 - choose stormblast mine as reward and use it till lvl 4

lvl 4 - flamewall, holy flame totem

drop flamewall and hft, run around to the next packs

lvl 8 - get combustion linked to HFT, and efficacy linked to FW

lvl 12 - grab power siphon linked with pierce, learn to place FW between you and mobs, and shoot thru the FW.

lvl 16 - grab Wave of conviction, link to combustion. Use on tougher mobs to debuff their resist

lvl 18 - grab cont dest and ele focus. Link FW - ele focus - efficacy/cont dest (look which one gives more dps)

lvl 24 - get 4L - FW - spellslinger - ele focus - efficacy/cont dest

lvl 28 - grab kinetic blast but continue using power siphon - put KB in your offhand sets to lvl it up (better AOE as you lvl it)

KB costs too much mana and needs too many links to be practical early game

lvl 31 - grab burning damage from siosa quest and link FW - spellslinger - ele focus - burning damage - This is the highest DPS 4L

lvl 34 - grab stone golem & flame golem & ice golem (do your first lab so you can use 3 golems at once)

lvl 38 - grab chain, GMP, hextouch.

Your PS link should now be PS - chain - hextouch - flammability

Your Flamewall link should now be FW - spellslinger - ele focus - burning damage - (efficacy - swift affliction) for 5th and 6th link, respectively

from this point onward just keep upgrading your life and cap your resists as much as you can.

play this like EDC, such that you just drop the dot, shoot thru the FW, and run. Watch the videos to see how it plays.

As usual, grab other utility skill gems as you see fit.

Get precision and dont level it too high, check your chance to hit for your PS/KB. Try to get 95-100% chance to hit. If you have 100% chance to hit, stop leveling precision.

Righteous fire, try to get a vaal RF and lvl in your offhand sets. You can sustain RF easily as elementalist as our stone golem gives good regen

flame dash - arcane surge for moar deeps. You can use shield charge if you prefer.

steel skin / your favorite guard skills, or enduring cry

portal skill gems if you are lazy like me and cba to click portal scroll 


Path of Building Link: (fork version)



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Fast Burning Arrow Elementalist Starter Build

  • + Clear speed
  • + Defense
  • + Single target
  • + Stun immune
  • + Great league starter
  • + High absorption Molten shell / Vaal molten shell
  • - Predictive mode is a must once you get fork, limiting HC viability
  • - Cant use Queen of the forest
  • - Laggy on lower end PCs
  • - Min-maxing can be expensive
  • - Arborix bow effect makes a lot of mtx look weird

Gems Setup

6L Awakened

Vaal Burning Arrow - Awakened Deadly Ailments - Awakened Burning Damage - Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks - Awakened Swift Affliction - Ignite Proliferation


Enlighten - Malevolence - Herald of Thunder - Precision


Summon Flame Golem - Summon Lightning Golem - Infernal Cry - Minion Life


Despair - CWDT - Wave of Conviction - Hextouch - Combustion


Dash - Blink Arrow - Second Wind - Flame Wall


Leveling Guide

1-35 - As witch we get access to a very good caster toolkit, so we will start off as a caster and switch to bow setup as soon as we unlock the library and get our first 2 ascendancy points.

Leveling spells below:

Option 1

Flame Wall + Kinetic Bolt + Holy Flame Totem // Dash movement or Frostblink

This is effective if you aim your kinetic bolts and holy flame totems through the flame wall
Add supports to the skills as needed

Option 2

Freezing Pulse + Holy Flame Totem + Raise Zombie // Dash or Flame Dash for movement

Freezing pulse is a great leveling spell as well as Holy Flame Totem as they do a ton of damage for little investment. Raise zombie with minion damage is fairly easy to upkeep as well :)

Level 35:

Trade League: Get a cheap unique bow, strongly suggesting STORM CLOUD, ROTH'S REACH, OR DOOMFLETCH

Non Trade League: Get the best bow you can, or craft a rare with decent damage

Complete Library quest to unlock vendor, and buy the following:

Burning Arrow, Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Added Lightning, Burning Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Combustion

Link together BA + LMP + Added Lightning + Burning damage in a 4 link. If you dont have a 4 Link, remove Added lightning.

Buy Herald of Purity + Malevolence

Only put on one aura for now and use a mana flask to upkeep mana

(I would suggest malevolence)

Look for a pierce quiver or get a drillneck if you are trade league


Until you get awakened gems, your best 6 link (IN THIS ORDER) is as follows:

Burning Arrow - Ignite Proliferation - Deadly Ailments - Burning Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Combustion



Ascendancy: Mastermind of Discord, Shaper of Flames, Shaper of Storms, Liege of the Primordial

Bandit: Kill all


Please take note that the End Game POB Bow and Quiver and some of the other pieces are END GAME, meant for after you have a ton of currency. you will not obtain that level of DPS until you build currency. There is a "budget" gear swap with Doomfletch and Drillneck, all you have to do is click the dropdown box where it says "Item Set" and click "Budget" 

Path of Building Link: 

CI Soulstrike Variant (Less DPS but more survival):



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Witch Storm Band Elementalist Starter Build

  • + It's easy build can play as starter league.
  • + Cheap cause we use many unique Items.
  • + Feel tanky cause we have many defensive layers and high mana recovery rate.
  • + Can upgrade when get more budgets.
  • - Very RNG when want to craft Items cause we stacking mana that can't be use harvest craft.
  • - Slow movement then we need tailwind for that.



Path of Building Link



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