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New World Guides - Companies

In New World, companies are player-created organizations that offer a hierarchical structure. Companies are limited to 100 players, and as of the Preview event could not create alliances with other companies. They can however declare war on each other, during which players can launch a siege on their territory.

Companies have different ranks, the highest being the Governor, and second-in-command being the Consuls. Governors will typically be able to set taxes or start settlement projects.

New World Guides - Companies


How to Start a Company in New World

New World Guide - Companies Customization

Gamers are accustomed to the word “guilds” but in New World, these are called Companies. These are a group of players who banded together to dominate territories or just casually hang out.

Companies or guilds can be created by anyone who has progressed through the main storyline. It is unlocked early in Windsward when you start finishing quests that introduce you to each of the town’s NPCs.

The maximum player limit for a single company would be a total of 100 players. There can only be one Governor and it is transferrable. More on the company ranking system later on.

To start a Company, you can just press ‘Esc’ to open the in-game menu. Choose the company tab on the top of your screen. You can also press “G” to open the company screen directly.

Once opened, you will be able to see your company if you have already joined one. If not, it will show you the company tab where you can start your own. You can also browse for different companies or use the chat to look for ones that are recruiting.

How to Customize Your Company

Immediately after pressing the “Start your Company” button, you will see the customization screen for your own company. You can choose from a variety of emblems, color customizations, and flag backgrounds/designs.

It is worth noting that starting your own company and any form of customizations done will not cost you a single dime. You can freely change your company’s crest and even the name as many times you want. As long as you are not taking a company name that is already taken in the server, you can instantly change it through the company menu.

Company Ranking System

Unlike other guilds in other MMORPGs, the ranking system is fixed to 4 different ranks. The highest rank is the Governor and there can only be one Governor at a time.

If you want to know how to promote settlers to higher ranks in your company, it’s very easy to do so and you can do so on the Members page.

Here are all the ranks in New World companies and all the responsibilities they have.


New World Guide - Companies Settler-Rank

This is the lowest rank given to a player in any company in New World. Their permissions are minimalized into chatting with the company and making deposits to the treasury. This should be the default rank for any player you do not trust yet because they just joined the company.


New World Guide - Companies Officer Rank

The next rank, which is the Officer rank, already gives you the ability to make withdrawals from the Company Treasury. Officers can also start and cancel territory upgrades which can be important if you have a relatively small company.

If the Governor or Consul is not online, you can start territory upgrades so it finishes in time before sieges happen. These upgrades are mainly for defenses used against the attacking company and it would be best to have them up in time during the time of the siege.

Officers also have the power to invite members to the company. You can also kick other Settler ranked players. You will not be able to promote other players as promoting a Settler would give him/her the same rank as you which is not possible.


New World Guide - Companies Consul Rank

Consuls have permission on everything mentioned above and a few others. They can set the message of the day for the company members to read.

Consuls and the Governor have their own private chat room that cannot be seen and read by Officers and Settlers. They also have the ability to declare war and set the siege window. This includes managing the players who are signing up for the war/fight and arranging them by groups.


New World Guide - Companies Governor Rank

The Governor will be able to manage all the ranks of the players in the company. They can also set a withdrawal limit so that no one can actually steal from the Company Treasury.

If you are starting your own company, be wary of random players trying to steal money from the treasury because you might not notice that you have given them the Officer rank.

To have a more stable ranking system, you just set the withdrawal limit to none and have other players help you start territory upgrades by giving them the Officer rank. None of them will be able to steal from the treasury since the withdrawal limit is at 0.

How to Claim Settlements in New World

New World Guide - Companies Claiming Settlements and Forts

The specific settlement should not be owned by another company to claim a settlement and should be marked as “unclaimed territory”.

Open the map and find an unclaimed settlement. Choose one and pay the price which will be a huge amount of money (around 100,000 coins but depends on the territory chosen).

This will give you the right to own the settlement and everyone will see that your company owns that territory on the world map.

Benefits of Owning Settlements

New World Guide - Companies  Territory Incentives

The biggest benefit you can get is getting passive income from taxpayers. If you happen to control the most populated settlement, you can bet that you are earning thousands of coins a day from taxes alone.

You can set this up by adjusting the percentages of the taxes in each of the settlements that you own.

Imposing high taxes will cause dissatisfaction among your villagers and may tempt them to go to different settlements owned by other companies.

If they find other settlements to have lower taxes, they might go there specifically to do their crafting and trades.

Other than the passive income, you will be able to get discounts for fast travel, taxes (your own), house (how to buy a house), and all the faction rewards in the picture above. As long as the settlement is owned by a company on the same faction as you, you will have all the faction member benefits listed above.

Managing Your Settlement

Settlements might be consistently be changing company owners so if you are deciding where to buy a house, you can pick any location you prefer even if there are high taxes. It can always change if the settlement goes to a different company.

However, maintaining your settlement is another thing you need to worry about. Besides defending sieges, you will also need to pay an upkeep fee every 7 days of your settlement.

Of course, you will easily make a lot of money from taxes to pay this. Assuming you win some sieges, you should be able to get your return on investment fast. Investing that much money on buying land should definitely have this upside anyway.

Territory Wars – How It Works

If all the settlements have been taken by other companies, you will have to fight for the land by declaring war. They have to be from a different faction as you will not be able to siege a settlement from a different company on the same faction.

To declare war, just look for a settlement from a different faction and click it. You will see the details of their workshops, taxes, and most importantly, the territory influence. If the “Declare War!” option is blacked out, you will need to be eligible first to contest the area.

How to be eligible for war

New World Guide - Companies Starting a War

For war eligibility, it all depends on your territory influence within the particular settlement you are looking to wage war on. Each company and faction will try to increase their influence as fast as possible to be declared as the Vanguard.

Once a certain faction reaches 100% territory influence, the vanguard will be selected from the participating companies of that winning faction.

What is the Vanguard?

When you think about it, every single company on the opposing faction will try to get settlements if they focus on PvP. The Vanguard will be the chosen company that will be going to war against the settlement’s owner.

How do you get selected as the Vanguard?

To get selected as the Vanguard, you will need to be responsible for at least 10% of the territory influence for your faction. If nobody gets above 10%, it will be chosen randomly with the most impactful company having the highest chance of getting selected.

How do you increase territory influence?

To increase your influence, you need to do purely PvP faction missions in that particular area you are wanting to wage war on. Go to the settlement and get the faction missions. Complete them as fast as you can so you can get new ones.

You will need to activate the PvP flag to be able to accept PvP faction missions. This will put your character “flagged for PvP” and you will only have 30 seconds upon exiting the settlement to engage in PvP.

Defeating other players on the opposing faction will increase your chances of winning the territory influence against the other faction. At the same time, other companies in your faction might be focusing on PvP faction missions and might have higher territory influence than you.

Going to War

New World Guide - Companies Company Siege Window

If you were selected as the Vanguard, your company will be the one going to war against the territory owners. Each company has a siege window set by its members and the defending company will always be the one being followed.

This means that the defending company will have to set their siege window to a particular time when they are all active since this will be a 50vs50 because that will be the time slot for the war. There will be a standby list where other players can join the defense as long as they are in the same faction.

As an attacking company, you will have access to siege upgrades like the defending company has with their siege defense. Make sure to prepare properly and have your company leaders arrange all the members.

There will be 10 groups of 5 players each and the leaders from each side will set them manually before the war starts. The preparation for the war starts 15 minutes before the defending company’s siege window setting.

If you are missing a few players, make sure to fill up the slots with active players enlisting on the right side of the preparation screen.

As preparation for players going to a long PvP fight, it is highly suggested to go equip all your best gear while having a backup in your inventory. Start cooking all the food you need as you will need them for healing as well.

Fighting the War

New World Guide - Companies War Tutorial

After the preparation time, the attacking company will have to attack 3 of the control points and take control of them. You will have a total of 30 minutes to try and take the control points. Once taken, they will be treated as respawn points and you will have access to the armory for siege upgrades.

A control point cannot be retaken by the defending company once fully captured. Make sure to pick your fights carefully as you might be appointing your groups to fight for nothing.

If the attacking company fails to take all 3 control points in 30 minutes, the war will be finished and it will be a successful defense. However, if they manage to take the control points, they will get another 30 minutes and move on to the next stage.

The next step for the attacking company will be knocking down the gate and taking control of the fort. There will be multiple forts (5) to control and if the attackers manage to take control of everything, they will win the war and the defending company will downgrade the territory.


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