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okaymmo:New World Coins Farming Completed Guides

In the New World, coins is indispensable for players to buy goods, houses and even learn skills. How to farming coins is what every player should learn. This New World Coins Farming Guide details several ways to earn currency.

okaymmo:New World Coins Farming Completed Guides


What is New World Coins?

Like every game with a comprehensive economic system, New World also has its Currency, which is Coins. With New World Coins, no matter what role you play in New World, you can buy equipment such as primary stones, food, flasks, and flower pots to produce or improve armor, repair armor, and more. Similarly, Coins are used in all transactions at the auction house. In addition, you also need Coins to learn new skills and spells in New World, buy pets, and acquire horse riding and flying skills.

Selling Loot

As you subdue your enemies, you are free to loot their territories, take away their valuables, and trade them with the vendors. This works in the same way as when farming WoW Classic gold.

Looting is a sure way to earn you some coins in New World. However, before you trade the loot with the vendors, you should consider sorting out necessary gear from other loot. The reason being, you would make more coins from selling the looted gear to a fellow player than a vendor.

The goal here is to make more coins, which calls for evaluating the loot to make the most of it.


Crafting here refers to making some items and selling them to make some coins. Though crafting is not for beginners, as you progress, you will be in a position to refine your crafting skill to earn you more coins as a profession.

Top crafters in New World are bound to make more coins as they are in a position to craft high-end items. The items attract valuable clients in a position to pay more coins for your wares.

You could consider crafting armors and weapons as New World is bound to attract more low-level players who will be seeking to review and upgrade their gear. As you embark on learning crafting, evaluate the demand for your items and craft those in high demand to earn you more coins fast.

To be outstanding in New World, you need to have your ear on the ground and be aware of the existing opportunities and the most profitable profession. Learn the skill fast and start earning coins from the skill. Crafting is so far the most outstanding skill in New World.


Completing missions is the first and the most obvious way of getting some coins. Every quest you finish will give you some gold and experience points. You can take new quests in the Settlements.

New World Coins Farming Completed Guides Questing

This way isn't the fastest one and you will have to spend a lot of time before you will be able to earn enough. We don't recommend this method as the main one simply because it doesn't give enough rewards while it consumes a lot of time.

Resource Gathering

The world of Aethernum is full of different gathering nodes. You can collect resources like lumber, stone, steel, or something more expensive and sell it to other players. If you have a lot of resources you may make some decent money, especially if the resources you offer are not so easy to find. Players always need different materials for crafting.

There are two basic gathering strategies you may focus on:

  • Gather only rare resources. Very often they are more difficult to get but the price for each piece/stack is usually high. The disadvantage is that you receive access to rare resources when you level up a little.
  • Gather low or mid-level stuff. This is usually much easier to get, but the reward per stack is also lower.

Before you go to the closest gathering node and start your way to millions make some calculations. Find out what resources are in demand on your server and act according to this information.

It's important to know: Usually when MMO game launches the economy on the servers isn't balanced. The prices may be very high even for low-quality stuff. Pay attention to the market and don't miss a chance. If you think that something is too much overpriced and you have it in your inventory don't think for too long. Sell it before the price becomes lower.

Buy New World Coins

In addition to the above several ways to farming coins, you can also buy New World Coins on our website. Cnwcoins is your best bet for an affordable and timely supply of coins.

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